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Greg Lindberg

Chairman and Founder

Chris Herwig

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt Financing

Meet Our Team

The M&A team is a talented group of professionals chosen for their experience, expertise and dedication. We pride ourselves on making the process crisp, friendly and simple for CEOs and shareholders looking to sell their business.

Aashish Ahuja

M&A Director, Due Diligence

Abhinav Khattar

M&A Director, APAC

Alexandre Lemire

M&A Associate, EMEA & LATAM

Amitabh Ghule

Managing Director, APAC

Andrew Harvey

M&A Associate, Engagement Group

Antoine Bonello

M&A Associate, EMEA

Brandon Lam

Vice President, M&A APAC

Caitlin Wilson

M&A Associate, Entrust & Pelton Groups

Conor Clarke

M&A Associate, UK

Craig Kennedy

M&A Associate, EMEA

David Harrison

M&A Associate, UK

David Molloy

M&A Analyst, EMEA

Donal O’Sullivan

M&A Director, EMEA

Dorian Garbe

M&A Associate, Germany

Erin Hawkins

Manager Business Development, Call Center

Jean-Claude Uhlenhaut

M&A Associate, EMEA

Jeffrey Lee

M&A Analyst, APAC

Jenny May Hung

Vice President, M&A APAC

John Silva

M&A Director, 3BL Holdings

Jordan Turnbo

M&A Associate, Yaras

Joseph Bennett

M&A Associate, UK

Kathy Million

M&A Director, USA

Kunal Bhanot

M&A Manager, APAC

Laurent Kayser

Vice President, M&A Europe

Mark Prout

M&A Analyst, EMEA

Marty Pick

M&A Analyst, Eye Care Leaders

Melanie Cauchi

M&A Associate, EMEA

Nicholas Hensley

M&A Associate, Eye Care Leaders

Rick Trinh

M&A Director, Australia

Saurabh Bansal

Senior M&A Manager, India

Sean T. McNeill

M&A Associate, AR Management Group

Tom Nolan

M&A Associate, USA

Al Regdos

CEO, Alpine Capital

Bill Gushard

Director of Credit Underwriting, Global Bankers Capital

Charles Heatherington

Managing Director, Metronome

Corinna Mitchell

Managing Director - Legal & Execution, Global Bankers Capital

Dan Marquis

President and Founder, Metronome

Daniele Iacovone

Managing Director, Global Bankers Capital

Devin Solow

Financial Analyst, Global Bankers Capital

Eric Bostic

Portfolio Analyst, Global Bankers Capital

Grant Powley

Investment Analyst

John N. Doyle

Head of Europe, Global Bankers Capital

Mark Sullivan

SVP | Head of Underwriting and Portfolio Management, Alpine Capital

Michael Roberson

Private Credit Associate, Global Bankers Capital

Peter Waldstein

Managing Director, Metronome

Rob Kiesel

CEO, Global Bankers Capital

Terrell Taylor

SVP | Head of Business Development, Alpine Capital,

Travis Wolff

VP | Underwriting, Alpine Capital