Greg Lindberg

Greg Lindberg is Chairman and founder of the Eli Global family of companies.

Greg started the company that would become Eli Global in 1991 while he was a student at Yale. He launched Home Care Week, a reimbursement newsletter for home health agencies that one Eli Global portfolio still publishes today. Greg graduated with an economics degree in 1991. By the year 2000, the company he’d bootstrapped to build had $5 million in revenue—all with no outside equity capital.

The Eli Global Model

Since its beginnings, Eli Global has embraced a contrarian, decentralized business model. “We hire great leaders and step out of their way,” says Lindberg. Eli Global companies are autonomous and independent. That way, decisions are made by the experts who are closest to customers—not by some remote bureaucrat in ‘HQ’ who doesn’t understand the business. Eli Global sets high expectations for leaders, and they meet them. Our corporate headquarters, under Greg Lindberg’s leadership, is small and will stay that way. “We don’t want our businesses looking to ‘HQ’ for leadership,” says Greg Lindberg. “We want to empower leadership thinking at all levels: sales person as leader, telemarketer as leader, customer service rep as leader.”

Eli Global invests for the long term. We will continue to invest capital in growth industries around the world with the proprietary investment origination capacity we’ve built in house.

We use this model to invest in companies that add to the greater good with an emphasis in health care, insurance and financial services.

To learn more about Greg Lindberg, visit his personal website here.