What Makes Eli Global So Unique? Part 1


Do you want to know what Eli Global is all about and why we’re so unique? We sat down with our very own Kathy Million of the M&A Corporate Team for a behind-the-scenes look at how Eli Global helps companies grow!

Tell us who you are and what you do at Eli Global.

I’m a member of the Eli Global Corporate M&A Team located in Durham, North Carolina.

I work with company portfolios on developing and overseeing their M&A strategies. Specifically, I assist in acquisition goals, then encourage productive networking once acquisitions have been made.

Tell us what makes Eli Global unique.

Eli Global is embracing entrepreneurs themselves as much as their company. We want to keep entrepreneurs involved and we want owners to continue running their businesses. These owners and entrepreneurs are delighted to know they will remain involved and will be an integral part of their company’s growth.

Companies remain mostly autonomous and do not have to change their brand. Clients view this as a nice and refreshing difference from competitors who want to flip companies. Eli Global is not only interested in the next five to ten years of the companies, but also its lifetime with our “buy-and-hold” mindset. These values make for an enjoyable partnership.

Tell us why Eli Global embraces entrepreneurs.

We understand entrepreneurs because we’re comprised of a group of companies that are entrepreneurial-lead. Our CEO Greg Lindberg is an entrepreneur and embraces entrepreneurialism on all levels.

At Eli Global, we provide a support system and ensure our companies have strong leadership teams. This enables companies to be function efficiently while entrepreneurs further develop the vision and future of their company.

Tell us what happens post-transaction.

Once an acquisition has been made, we provide the acquired company with a menu of services. The advantage of the menu is that the company can pick and choose to take advantage of whatever services they want. No services are forced on the client.

What’s an example of a service on the menu?

If a technology company, without adequate resources, is trying to develop new technology and needs to move quickly, they can use our exceptional developers at Eli Global. Through Eli Global, the company can get an entire dedicated team of product development staff.

As another example, for a company who may be struggling with sales and marketing, menu-offered services can be the key to solve these problems. Many companies are founded with their owners as their sole salesperson, but Eli Global can move these companies to the next level. We can provide these companies with more organized and experienced sales staff. We have available call centers, sales and marketing staff, support services, and leadership development that can help companies make that next step.

Leadership development is a crucial part of the Eli Global system and an important value to the CEO because entrepreneurs are busy running their business day-to-day, but need to grow in leadership. Eli Global offers the opportunity to join various leadership groups, making it easier to improve.