A Highly Respected Long Term Focused Entrepreneurial Partner


Eli Global was established by a young entrepreneur almost three decades ago—with no financial backing and a lot of naysayers. He believed that he could take on and beat the market leaders in his industry. Armed with his self-drive, passion, determination and entrepreneurial spirit, he persevered after years of 100+ hour work weeks, numerous failures, worrying about month-end payroll, and even sleeping under his desk at times. He grew his business organically to be the national leader in his industry and then set out to grow even more. The secret to his success? Finding like-minded people who experienced similar hardships and successes.

Over the past 25 years Eli Global has grown to partner with over 80 such entrepreneurs, welcoming their businesses to our ever-growing group of entrepreneurial, independent businesses. And this is just the beginning…

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, USA, Eli Global is wholly owned by its founder and employees. It is a conglomeration of independent portfolios comprising more than 70 business units with more than 8,000 of the brightest minds and determined entrepreneurs, generating over $1.4 billion in revenue around the world. Eli’s portfolios operate in 15 different sectors, including health care, technology, insurance and financial services.

Our buy-grow-and-hold philosophy means we don’t flip businesses. We do not work within a 3 – 5 year investment horizon, but invest for the long haul, providing companies with the resources and expertise they need to grow, as we want entrepreneurs to retain their brand equity. Our group of companies operate independently of each other with CEOs and management teams who have full autonomy.

We partner with business that have the following characteristics:

  • Well established businesses with a solid management team.
  • High barriers to entry from any of the following:
    • Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
    • High Market Share
    • Strong Intellectual Property
    • Mission Critical Service
    • Established Distribution Network/Channel
    • High Customer Switching Costs
    • Long Standing Customer Base
  • Demonstrable growth over time with a stable, consistent and continuous growth profile
  • Low capital expenditure requirements
  • High recurring revenue
  • Low customer concentration

We Are Sector Agnostic:

While we are owner managers of successful niche services and technology businesses, we are sector agnostic. We are always interested in learning about new industries and are continuously diversifying our portfolio of market leading niche services and technology businesses. This enables us to operate in a range of different industries.

What we typically look for:

  • Size range:
    • $1M - $25M EBITDA
  • Acquisition Focus:
    • Organic or acquisition growth
    • Transactions involving majority ownership in private companies or corporate divestitures
    • New platforms

When you partner with Eli Global, here’s what you can expect:

  • No hierarchy. We are a facilitator of knowledge transfer among a federation of independent businesses.
  • Access to the following infrastructure while maintaining the freedom to focus on growing your business.
    • Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
    • Growth Capital
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Sales and Marketing Support
    • Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Technology and Product Development Resources
    • Recruiting, Coaching, and Leadership Development
  • An easy, quick decision making process due to being wholly owned by our founder and employees.

If you are interested in selling your business, check out our Mergers & Acquisitions page. If you’re interested in growing your business by partnering with an experienced debt finance provider, check out our Debt Financing page.

Let’s create success in your business and life together.