Unique M&A philosophy

Eli Global companies function independently. This approach allows the business to focus on the customer, not on HQ. It allows the leaders who know their markets best to build customer-focused operations. Our Buy and Hold philosophy means we are in it for the long haul. Unlike the typical Private Equity firm, we do not flip and sell. When we buy a business, we build a plan for the next 40 years. Our long-term focus and private ownership gives us the ability to develop relationships and invest in new markets and businesses over a period of many years.

We are stable and growing

In 1997, Eli Global had 10 employees in one, small office in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Still headquartered in Durham, today the company’s separate business units stretch across more than 15 different market sectors and employ 6,000 people operating from more than 20 locations globally.

We invest in entrepreneurs

We love the entrepreneurial owners and are passionate about partnering with these owners to support their vision for the business. We remain committed to expanding the diversity of our portfolio to include value added products and services, where we know we can assist quality businesses to develop.

Eli Global will provide all the essential tools for growth through our centers of excellence and proven core competencies:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Recruiting, coaching and leadership development
  • Technology and product development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Extended business office
  • Growth through M&A

Why Eli Global?

  • We are flexible, creative, fast, persistent, and less bureaucratic
  • We work hard to meet the unique needs of sellers; both their personal and professional needs.
  • We are patient – a good deal is worth waiting for and we believe in building relationships
  • We are sincere in our buy and hold philosophy and our liking for entrepreneurial leaders who want to stay around
  • We don’t believe in “integration” but in “transition” with autonomy
  • Growth through M&A