Other Industries and Services

Eli Global is a “federation of independent businesses.” We are passionate about partnering with owners to support their vision for the business. We believe in investing in private, entrepreneurial, industry-leading, growing and profitable companies. We remain committed to expanding the diversity of our portfolio to include value added products and services where we know we can assist quality businesses to develop to their full potential, benefiting our group common resources, cross synergies and hands-on proactive supervision management expertise.

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  • Collectibles
  • Enthusiast Magazines
  • Research
  • Newsletters
  • Certifications

Contact Eli Global

  • Phone: +919-246-4721
  • Email: kmillion@eliglobal.com

Select Portfolio Companies

Beckett Media

BCC Research

Engaged Enthusiast Media


Career First Institute


Investment Criteria


Size Range

  • $1 - $100 million
  • $300K+ EBITDA
  • 5 – 200 employees

Acquisition Focus

  • Organic or acquisition growth
  • Transactions involving majority ownership in private companies or corporate divestitures
  • New platforms

Target Areas

  • Pricing Guides
  • Authentication guides and services
  • Magazines
  • Testing, Inspection Certification, and Validation Companies
  • Franchisors
  • Home owner management software