Global Bankers Insurance Group is Eli Global's managing company for a family of insurance and reinsurance companies located across the U.S. and abroad. Our rapidly growing insurance and reinsurance group is built on the foundation of our franchise of life and annuity member companies, which are well known for their longevity in the insurance market, expertise in the areas of life and annuity products, strong stewardship and dedication to their policyholders

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  • Phone: +1-919-230-2813
  • Email: info@globalbankers.com

To learn more about Global Bankers Insurance Group's insurance and reinsurance capabilities as well as in force business, technological and capital solutions, visit our website.

GLOBAL BANKERS Investment Criteria


Size Range

  • Assets Base: 100 Million to 10 Billion

Acquisition Focus

  • Long Term insurance products
  • Financial Leverage Ratio (Assets/Equity Ratio): Preferable ratio would be somewhere between 5x to 20x.
  • Geography: USA and Europe
  • Blocks of Assets or Whole Insurance Companies

Target Areas

  • Life insurance (Pre need, term, and permanent life insurance)
  • Annuity segments of insurance
  • Reinsurance