Financial Services

Our vision is to be the first choice for customers and clients seeking quality financial solutions. Our customers and clients benefit from our full services receivables management solutions. Eli Global has a solid track record of investment success with financially sound companies and converting cash burning companies into cash generating companies. Our investment opportunities encompass those businesses around the Financial Services and Revenue Cycle Management arenas.

Visit some of our select portfolio of companies in this sector

  • Full Service Revenue Cycle Management
  • Billing Services
  • Collections and Denial Management Services
  • Accounts Receivable Management

Contact Eli Global

  • Phone: +919-246-4721
  • Email: kmillion@eliglobal.com

Select Portfolio Companies





CBV Collection

Investment Criteria


Size Range

  • $1 - $100 million
  • $300K+ EBITDA

Acquisition Focus

  • Organic or acquisition growth
  • Transactions involving majority ownership in private companies or corporate divestitures
  • New platforms

Target Areas

  • Technology (SaaS)
  • Extended Business Office services
  • Collection Services
  • Billing Services