Eli Story

Eli Global is an international information and service management company that acquires and invests in insurance and annuities,healthcare, media, market intelligence, certification, and associated businesses. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, we have 6,000 employees working from more than a dozen locations on three continents.

We are a globally diversified healthcare and financial services group with over with $5 billion in assets across a broad range of products and services including: life insurance and annuities, dental insurance, electronic medical records, practice management systems, certifications, training, market research, advertising, information services, and revenue cycle management.

Eli Global’s formula for success is simple: we build long-term relationships with our people, our partners, and our customers. We have never sold a business and we have a 30-year plan for each business we operate. We have no outside investors and we are 100% owned by our Chairman and founder and our employees. This long-term privately held focus gives us an ability to develop relationships and invest in new markets and businesses over a period of many years.

Contact Kathy Million at 919-246-4721 to learn more about ELI.