Our Story

Eli was founded in 1991 in a fraternity house in New Haven, Connecticut. No frills from day one: the conference room in the Durham headquarters still looks like it came from a fraternity house - our founder's beat up old desk is still there. Eli started with the big, hairy, audacious goal that we could outdo competition at the home care newsletter game. Our first product, Home Care Week, still exists today, 24 years later.

Founder and owner has over 20 years of proven experience in acquiring and managing long-term buy-and-hold investments. Eli Global has an excellent investing track record with 35% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since inception and 43% ROCE on investments made since 2001. We have perfected a portfolio management technique for managing multiple operating companies with a small headquarters staff of 10 people.

  • We are 4,000 people operating from more than 20 locations globally
  • We are a group of 40 independent business units held together by common values and principals

Meet Our Team

Values and Principles


We hire stellar people and give them the tools to excel.


We make every individual responsible for a clear set of outcomes. This allows us to reward excellence.


We let our high performing employees at every level excel and do whatever is necessary to encourage their career growth.


We insist on profitability from every product line. Our centers of excellence allow us to turn solid products into winners.


We believe in the brutal truth. We share financial information with our employees to allow them to make informed decisions.


Because we measure accountability so closely we are able to be flexible with our employees, allowing them to have a positive work/ life balance.