Vision and Values

Our diverse locations are bound together by a common set of values.

Excellence: We hire stellar people and give them the tools to excel.

Accountability: We make every individual responsible for a clear set of outcomes. This allows us to reward excellence.

Flexibility: Because we measure accountability so closely we are able to be flexible with our employees allowing them to have a positive work/ life balance.

Profitability: We insist on profitability from every product line. Our centers of excellence allow us to turn solid products into winners.

Loyalty: We let our high performing employees at every level excel and do whatever is necessary to encourage their career growth.

Honesty: We believe in the brutal truth. We share financial information with our employees to allow them to make informed decisions.


I enjoy the collegiality, the universal good humor and serious smarts of our co-workers, the atmosphere of trust in relations with my supervisor-types, and the dress code (or lack thereof). Ultimately, I like that we are expected to do well, then trusted to do so.

I feel for the first time in my career that we are all on the same page and really working for the greater good of the company by doing our respective jobs the best we know how. I also like the stringent testing process because it means that we can be confident in the abilities of the people around us.

Portfolio Companies

Beckett Media

The destination for collectors. We provide pricing, grading, publishing, and e-commerce for collectors. Beckett is the most trusted source for information about trading cards and more.

BCC Research

Cutting edge market research on emerging technologies. We provide the information that corporate leaders need to make informed decisions about the future of their business.

The Coding Institute

The leader in medical coding information. We provide integrated work flow solutions as well as auditing services and advice from the most respected names in medical coding.

Harvard Collection Services

A nationally licensed provider of collection and debt management services to government as well as health care, communications and other related industries.

Credit Management Company

A full-service collections and accounts receivable management company. We provide AR management to some of the top health systems in the Mid-Atlantic region.


A leading in store advertising agency, reaching more than 12,000 retail locations nationwide. Through our Ad Cart, and Register Tape Network programs we deliver millions of dollars of revenue per year to our retail partners.

Eli India

Supporting businesses with IT, Web hosting, and other related services. Eli India is a subsidiary of Eli India, LLC.

Southland National Insurance

Southland National Insurance Corporation has been based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since its founding in 1969, and is currently active in two lines of business, Advance Funeral Planning, marketing preneed and final expense products through funeral homes and related agents, and Supplemental Benefits, the administration of insured and employer funded dental and supplemental benefits plans.

Southland National is a legal reserve life insurance company. The Company is authorized to write business in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.


NRS is a premier debt recovery firm focused solely on improving the financial performance of our clients through accounts receivable collection services.

Helix Health

Leading provider of pharmacy and practice management software across Ireland and the UK.

IO Practiceware

IO Practiceware is a complete solution for ophthalmology practices.

AR Allegiance

A Full Service A/R Management Solution for the Healthcare Industry

ELI Story

Eli was founded in 1991 in a fraternity house in New Haven, Connecticut. No frills from day one: the conference room in the Durham headquarters still looks like it came from a fraternity house - our founder's beat up old desk is still there. Eli started with the big, hairy, audacious goal that we could outdo competition at the home care newsletter game. Our first product, Home Care Week, still exists today, 24 years later.

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